"12 Annoying Fees That Are Easy to Avoid."

September 5, 2020 Business Consumers Money

A little savvy will save you big time when it comes to hidden fees. So read the fine print and speak up.

Every Dollar Counts
Hidden fees are everywhere. Many vital services find ways of tacking on little additions to your bill that may seem innocuous but really add up, and are often unnecessary. Your best defenses against these charges are awareness, self-advocacy, and attention to the fine print. Be proactive: If you inquire beforehand about a potential charge, you may find that the company is willing to waive it. Once you’ve paid a bill, it can be much harder to get a refund, although it’s not impossible if you’re persistent. These pesky fees are omnipresent, but they’re avoidable—as long as you’re paying attention.

ATM Charges
While cash-free payments are more popular than ever, real money is still necessary at times. Banks know that when you’re cash-strapped, you’ll be more willing to swallow a service fee for the convenience of using a nearby ATM. But you shouldn’t have to pay this $2 to $4 usage fee simply to withdraw money from your own bank account. Always start by searching for an ATM in your bank’s network (check your bank’s mobile app). If an in-network ATM isn’t available, opt for getting cash back when you make a debit-card purchase at a grocery store or other retailer. To end these charges once and for all, bank with an institution that pledges to refund ATM fees.

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September 13, 2020

I believe this: “…read the fine print and speak up. Every Dollar Counts …”