"Here’s How to Save at the Supermarket."

September 17, 2020 Business Consumers Money

“Grocery Prices Are Up. Here’s How to Save at the Supermarket.”
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we eat—we’re having more meals at home. As a result, we’re spending more food dollars at the supermarket instead of restaurants.

If you do the grocery shopping in your family, you’ve probably noticed that the grocery bills keep going up. Blame the pandemic for pushing up the prices of many staples, including meat and eggs.

“Shoppers are facing a double-whammy because not only are prices going up, but stores are putting fewer items on sale each week due uncertainties in the supply chain,” said Edgar Dworsky, founder of Consumer World.

Phil Lempert, a retail analyst and consumer trendwatcher known as the Supermarket Guru, predicts food prices will continue going up for the rest of the year, so smart shoppers will need to adjust their mindsets.

“When you see products that are on sale, make sure you stock up,” Lempert said. “And be willing to make substitutions when brand doesn’t really matter. If you like a particular kind of ketchup, but there’s another ketchup that’s less expensive, try it.”

These simple tips can help you lower your weekly grocery bills.

Consider lower cost stores

Checkbook regularly compares grocery store options for price and quality. To compare prices, Checkbook’s researchers use a 150+ item list—and lots of energy—to shop area stores. To evaluate stores on quality of products and service, we survey consumers. We also compare prices of local grocery delivery services. We find most families can save $1,200 or more per year by moving their food-shopping business to a low-cost grocer.

Try store brands

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