Again, Lord.

October 6, 2020 Social Health Wellness

Again, Lord! by Dinecia Gates.

“Many talk about the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5,000, but you seldom hear about the miracle of Jesus feeding the 4,000.” These are words I heard a minister say via social media, and they resonated with me. His entire sermon addressed what to do when we experience hard times and seasons where God cannot be felt, nor His hand seen.

Jesus fed 5,000 and shortly thereafter performed an identical miracle when he fed the 4,000. We don’t hear too much about the second miracle but, there’s so much to learn from it.

We learn that Jesus is consistently concerned about our wellbeing. His intent in both situations was to feed and care for his followers. Just like the sparrow, He cares for you!
We learn that Jesus is a God of miracles who is not deterred by the resurfacing of impossibility. We may not see it, but believe me, He can make a miracle out of anything, anytime, and as many times as the need presents itself.

He is God.

In the miracle of the 4,000, I’m sure the disciples wondered how Jesus would transform a few loaves and fish into something that would sustain the masses AGAIN, but He did.
Sometimes we find ourselves in the same predicaments or in similar situations where we wonder if God is, or could ever, still be at work. Things seem dark, bleak, and dim. But, let me share with you the final words I heard that day from the minister, “The feeding of the 4,000 says to me if God did something great in your life once, He can do it again. Don’t forget to remember!”

In seasons where you cannot see Him working, I implore you to remind yourself of not only what He’s done before but, who He is.

He is unchanging.
He is omnipotent.
He is omnipresent.
He is the Great physician.
He is faithful.
He is always at work.

When you can’t feel Him, stand on His promises and know He is not a God who lies.
He will always be faithful to His Word.
He will always work things together for our God because we love Him!
If He did it once, He can certainly do it again.

Note: Dinecia Gates holds two degrees in Communication, loves traveling, flowers, cupcakes, the beach, and coffee. She is a licensed minister of the UPCI and currently serves as the Director of Admissions for Urshan College and Urshan Graduate School of Theology.

(FROM: Ladies Prayer International Newsletter – Ladies Prayer Intl October 2020 –

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