"Practically Painless Ways to Spend Less Right Now."

November 8, 2020 Business Consumers Money

Save hundreds—even thousands—on your car insurance, cable bills, energy costs, groceries, gifts, and more.

“You guys have the worst hold music.”

I’ve uttered that phrase countless times since last spring. Banks. Airlines. Insurance companies. Car dealerships. I’ve heard enough Muzak to fill a lifetime of elevator rides.

Everyone at Consumer Reports began working from home when the coronavirus pandemic swept our area. First, I went on a cooking spree, whipping up confit tomatoes and a Peruvian stir-fry called lomo saltado. Then I began to tackle the pile of bills and mail on my dining room buffet. You know, the credit card come-ons, the offers of a lower mortgage rate.

Financial matters have always overwhelmed me, so I put them off—a bad strategy. But I decided I could now do my regular work while on hold with customer service using my landline, taking work calls on my cell.

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