What You Can Do to Improve Your Credit Scores.

“How to Spot a Credit Repair Scam and What You Can Do to Improve Your Credit Scores.”

Good credit is important for many reasons. It makes it easier to get a credit card or loan with favorable terms. Bad credit can make it difficult to rent an apartment, find a new job, or get a cellphone contract.

Faced with these financial challenges—and many more—it’s easy to see why someone with bad credit, who is desperate for help, will fork over hundreds of dollars (sometimes thousands) to a company that guarantees to solve their credit problems.

“Any company that promises it can hide or remove your bad credit history for a fee is scamming you,” said Amy Nofziger with the AARP Fraud Watch Network. “If they insist you pay an upfront fee of any kind, for any reason, before they will do any work on your behalf, run away as fast as you can because it’s a scam,” Nofziger said.

If you believe the ads—and you should not—these “credit repair” companies can quickly and dramatically boost your credit scores by removing all negative items (such as late payments and bankruptcies) and so-called “hard” inquiries from your credit files. Hard inquiries, which can lower credit scores, go into your file when you apply for credit, whether you’re accepted or not.

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