This is our adverting information page.

here we will post for your access and convenience information about how to advertise on our Website. You can select Text and Banner Ads Service or even a combination of both from our Partner Site to be displayed at this Site.

We accept only PayPal as our secure Payment Partner. We offer a Refund but only in some cases – not all situations.

Advertise 125 x 125 size Banners on our Site Home page.

PayPal Payment of US$25.00 for one-time payment unlimited exposure for each (i.e one) banner. And your banner will not expire.

After you pay, use the Contact Form at our Site to send us your 125 x 125 Banner Information (i.e. the Website Link with Image URL).

This is REFUND Policy Information.

From advertising payments to our Website, in some cases we offer a refund – but not in all cases.

We will refund the payment for a Text or Banner Ad submitted which is not approved and if the person (i.e. Advertiser) refuse to change the URL/Link or Text/ Banner Information. However, we will NOT refund a Payment for after 7 days. So the person MUST request a refund with-in 7 days after Payment and communication from our Admin to the Advertiser.

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